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Remodelling a home on a budget

Here are a few simple ways to save some money on remodelling.

  1. Make a list according to absolutely necessary, necessary and luxury. Start with the first category. It’s normal to believe that you can tackle every single part of the house simply because you’re remodelling, but since you’re doing it yourself, consider the time and effort such a mammoth exercise will take. Would it be easier to stretch it out? Then, do what’s absolutely necessary first.
  2. Put your things in storage- if you think you’re cramped for space and definitely need that extra storage room at the back, see if giving away, storing or getting rid of some things will be helpful. We do tend to accumulate a lot of things, especially in a house we’ve had for a while. Remodelling is a great time to go over your things and decide what you want to do with them. Those things that have sentimental value can take up important shelf space. Storage units Prince George might be exactly what’s needed for them.
  3. If your house is wood panelled, you might find that it has become scuffed with use. You could pull the entire thing out and fit in a new one. Or, you could fill in the cracks with a good quality wood filler. Wipe the extra filler. Wait for the wall to dry and now paint the wall. Simple.
  4. A soot-scarred brick fireplace can be an ugly sight. Paint can be used here too. A light coat rubbed on each tile, individually can give your fireplace new life. The paint is light enough to let the brickwork show and you could even consider making the colour of the fireplace similar to that of the walls. Staying with the fireplace, give the same loving treatment to the fireplace screen too. Only this time, with a paint that can handle high heat. Your fireplace will look shiny and ready for another winter or ten.
  5. Paint is also useful in the bathroom- tiles tend to get old, literally and figuratively in a few years. The easy thing to do is to paint over them. Use a primer with great adhesion. Now paint over with a ceramic paint. Find something anti-skid for a truly safe bathroom space.
  6. If you’re looking to change the fixtures in the bathroom, don’t go in for those massive platform sinks. Water pools around them and no matter what you do, the space tends to look cluttered. You can’t go wrong with a classic pedestal sink. They give the appearance of space and you can always shift storage space to next the mirror.
  7. The look of the house needs to be vibrant- make judicious use of colour for the lawn bricks, the paving stones and the patio. Some bright pops will help create a fresh look too. Colourful flowers are such a simple fix-it for your remodelling plan.
  8. The key of the remodel should be lots of natural light and breeze. Let the sunshine in. Artistic lights, warm yellows and some comfortable furniture can all go a long way to make your remodelling count.

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