Tips When Planning A Garage Sale Before A Move

Moving is a great idea until you started packing

Preparing for a move takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll need to pack your belongings, call your movers such as Bill Removalists Sydney, and prepare all the materials you’ll need to pack. It also means you need to start organizing and de-cluttering your belongings to avoid bringing unwanted items with you during the move.

One of the best ways to get rid of your clutter or to downsize your home in preparation for a move is to hold a garage sale. Apart from that, it also means you’ll have lesser items to pack and prepare. You’ll also have an easier time to get rid of items you no longer want or find useful.

Garage sales also require a ton of work, but you can handle things more smoothly if you do some proper planning first. To better achieve a successful garage sale, here are some tips you can consider when planning.

  1. Schedule

One of the first things you need to consider during this stage is to schedule when you plan on holding the garage sale. Timing is everything when it comes to planning a sale, especially if it’s on a smaller scale such as a garage sale. Most of the time, garage sales happen during late spring and early fall where people tend to spend more time outdoors. It’s also best to schedule the sale for a weekend, so you have better luck with the foot traffic.

  1. Sorting

Once you have set a schedule, it’s time to start sorting your items not only for sale, but also for the move. By doing this, you’re able to hit two birds with one stone and save yourself from all the long hours of packing. Start your sorting by hitting one room at a time. Prepare two containers where you can place items for the move and items for sale. You can also use a separate box or container for a donations pile or a recycle pile. Check out to learn more about removal services.

  1. Announcement

After the items are ready, or at least in the process of being ready, it’s time to announce your garage sale. You can make posters with the important details of your sale and post or share them around the neighborhood. You can also prepare a post you can share on social media so even those who aren’t within your neighbourhood can learn about your event. Ask your friends and family to share the post so it can reach a wider audience.

  1. Supplies

A successful garage sale takes professionalism and organization, so you need to ensure that you have all the right supplies for your event. Although this tip is optional, you can use tents, portable tables, and lawn chairs to set up your garage sale. You’ll also need stickers or tape so you can give price tags to your items.

  1. Pricing

Speaking of price tags, giving the right price range for your items can make or break your sale. First, you need to sort your items into different categories, so it will be easier to vary your prices. Try not to overprice your items too much so as not to discourage people from purchasing.

  1. Organize

Your sale is coming up, and now it’s time to organize things. Group your items in separate boxes so they can be ready once the day comes. Hang clothes on hangers and prepare your supplies in one container as well.

Moving, the hardest part is getting everything to fit into a box

Final Word

Now your focus would be to sell the items. Be more approachable and have fun with your customers. As much as possible, try to sell all the items so you won’t have to finish the event with most of the items still with you.

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